How long has The Window Centre been in business?

We have been servicing Kingston and Surrounding area since 1989.

Do you offer installation?

The Window Centre takes pride in the decades of experience represented with our installation team.

Upon order placement, when can I expect my windows installed?

Depending on the product and the manufacturer, your product delivery dates can vary. At the time of signing you will be notified of the approximate installation date.

Do you charge a fee for an in-house estimate?

In house estimates are welcome and completely free of cost and obligation. Although we do recommend you visit our showroom first, to view our many displays to help you
choose the correct style and material to suite your needs.

What brand name of windows do you sell?

Our Top sellers are Marvin Windows and Doors which are manufactured in Warroad, Minnesota (www.Marvincanada.com) and Strassburger Windows and Doors which are
manufactured in Kitchener (www.strassburger.net).

How can I as the consumer verify that I am purchasing a quality window?

We only work with carefully selected supplies that have a reputation for quality of craftsmanship and have been in the business for a long time.

Are there different colours available?

There is a wide range of standard colours available with optional custom colours.

What is Low “E” Argon gas?

Low “E” stands for Low Emissivity which is a coating utilized in insulating glass. The coating was developed to provide shading in the summer and solar in the winter. The benefits are warm centre glass temperature for the winter, reduced glass temperature for summer conditions compared to clear glass, reduced ultraviolet light transmissions which helps prevent fading of draperies and furniture and reduces heating and cooling costs for both warm and cold climates. Fifty percent of air conditioning costs are attributed to windows. “Argon Gas” is a colourless, odorless, non-toxic, non-flammable and non-corrosive gas used to insulate the dead air space normally found between the thermal pane unit. Argon Gas improves the R value of the window by reducing heat transfer.

What is Low “E” squared?

Low “E” squared is another coating that is available. There are several Coating Types that can Block the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays and delivers excellent performance, compared to Clear Glass. There are Different types for Different Environments. What is your manufacturer warranty on the products? All of our window and door manufacturers provide warranties on their products.

Do you sell skylights?

Yes, we sell Velux skylights. There are many options to choose from including size, style, sun screening accessories, manual and electric controls.

Should I remove the screens from my windows in the wintertime?

If your screens are on the inside, it is beneficial to remove then in the wintertime. This increases airflow and reduces window condensation.

Do you have a staffed and fully equipped Service Department?

Yes, we have a full in house service department to take care of all you needs and requirements.