Fire Rated Windows

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Self-Closing Operable Windows

From Optimum Window comes a revolutionary comprehensive line of steel fire-rated windows that can be used to effectively restrict the spread of fire between buildings that are in close proximity, whether they be a residence, school, or business.

These windows have been put through rigorous testing, and can withstand heats up to 1600 degrees Fahrenheit, and for as long as 45 or 90 minutes, depending on the series. Windows made from aluminum, wood, or vinyl can experience disastrous reactions from thermal shock when the cold fire-hose is applied. Fire rated steel windows will maintain their integrity under these conditions.


Optimum Window’s fire-rated windows are the latest in building safety while being environmentally friendly. Their powder coating finish makes them ideal for meeting government compliance, as don’t contain any of the VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that would be present in liquid paints. Composed of solid steel sections produced from 100% recycled steel, these windows can be used for either interior or exterior applications.

Modern Design Applications

With these fire-rated windows available, architects can address building areas that require more light without the restrictions of fire codes. The windows are designed to contain heat and prevent spreading between rooms as well as separate buildings. They are available in a variety of colours and are shipped fully assembled, painted, and glazed to reduce the amount of labour required onsite.

Main Features of Optimum Window Fire-Rated Windows

  • 45 minute to 90 minute rating
  • Self-closing windows available
  • Underwriters Laboratories listed and certified
  • 100% solid recycled steel
  • Environmentally-friendly paint
  • EPDM and Silicone Pile weather-stripping
  • Insulated glazing available
  • Balanced calibrated according to weight
  • Held in place with mechanically-fastened steel glazing beads

If you'd like to know more about how you can improve the integrety and fire safety of your building with Fire-Rated Windows, stop by The Window Center in Kingston, Ontario for the expertise and installation of a knowledgeable industry specialist. Our staff will be happy to help you with the selection of your fire rated windows.

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Roll Shutters

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Save on Energy

With increasing energy prices, don't take any chances on your home's energy efficiency. Doors and windows can be a weak point in your home's insulation. They are responsible for 25% of heat loss when heating your home in the winter, and 80% of sunlight absorption when you're trying to stay cool in the summer. Give your windows the boost they need with customizable Roller Shutters. The aluminum profiles on Kimbel's Roller Shutters are filled with CFC-free foam and can help improve insulation in winter and reduce heat flow in summer. By reducing these two detrimental elements you can lower your energy bill by up to 30%!

The Window Center in Kingston, Ontario, can set you up with durable, quality Roller Shutters that prove their worth not only by saving you money, but also by diminishing your carbon footprint, which is always a positive.

Protect against Burglary

We all want to live in a safe and protected home. Not only are Roller Shutters a great insulator, they take their job one step further by providing effective protection against burglary. They have been tested in an accredited research laboratory, which confirmed that these Roller Shutters have class 3 resistance against burglary. These insulated, aluminum shutters are an ideal solution that combines a strong, durable seal without compromising aesthetic design. There are many different profiles and finishes to choose from, so you can blend safety and efficiency in with your personal style.

Defend against Damage

The reinforced construction of the guide channels prevent roller shutters' profiles from bending and pulling. The curtain's solid construction and reinforced endslat prevent against damage with rigidity and stability. The patented ratchet at the bottom keeps the shutters securely shut, thwarting any unwanted attempts to raise the curtain.

Convenient to Adjust and Control

With the easy click of a button, your Roller Shutters can keep the sunlight out of your theatre room for a movie, or black out your bedroom when you're on the night shift. Use them to block out the noise from traffic in the streets or a loud neighbour. Control your environment to find your ideal level of comfort. Remotely adjust the roller shutters from either inside or outside, or program them to adjust according to a timer or to automatically maintain the perfect temperature.

Main Features of Kimbel's Roller Shutters

  • improved insulation to save on heating and cooling costs
  • reinforced durability to prevent against accidental damage or vandalism
  • ratchet in the bottom secures against unwanted entry
  • defence against severe weather conditions, such as hail or flying debris
  • privacy against unwanted light or noise with the ease of a remote
  • programmable shutters to serve as alarms or temperature stabilizer
  • customizable colours, finishes and functionality

If you'd like to know more on how you can improve the insulation and safety of your home with Roller Shutters, stop by The Window Center in Kingston, Ontario for the expertise and installation of a knowledgeable industry specialist. Our staff will assist you in exploring options to take your home's comfort and efficiency to the next level.

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Our Suppliers

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The Window Centre prides itself on providing windows and doors from leading, world recognized manufacturers. We offer high quality door and windows that incorporate state-of-the art and innovative materials and manufacturing.

Our suppliers use environmentally friendly products such as SFI (Sustainable Forest Initiative) and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified Wood and meet high energy efficient standards through the use of low emissivity (Low E) and argon filled insulated glass.

When it comes to windows and doors, it may be one of the most important decisions you have to make for renovations, remodels or new home construction. You can count on The Window Centre to provide the best customer service, valuable advice and competitively priced products, to make your windows and doors long lasting, energy efficient, economical and secure.

Our Suppliers

logo marvin  

Marvin is a progressive manufacturer of wood and clad windows and doors with over 11, 000 standard shapes and unlimited custom capabilities. They are recognized worldwide for their state-of-the art engineering with historically accurate design.

logo integrity  

Integrity windows and doors offer a wood interior, durable fiberglass exterior with the Marvin name and reputation at a very competitive price.

logo infinity  

Infinity products are geared towards the replacement market and are made entirely of Ultrex, a durable pultruded fiberglass material. Infinity products are backed by Marvin windows and doors, an industry leader since the 1930's.

logo strassburger  

Strassburger offers a complete line of vinyl windows and patio doors with a PH Tech extrusion. Their full 4 9/16 multi-chambered window offers superior strength, warmth and noise reduction.

logo velux  

Velux Canada Inc. is the market leader in the skylight and roof window industry, with over 25 years experience.

logo emtek  

Emtek's mission is to provide a broad, interesting range of reasonably priced products that consumers can use as elements of decor, not just as a way to latch a door.

logo fibercraft  

The Fibercraft Door Company manufactures completely maintenance free, Fiberglass doors and door frames that never rot. They offer a wide selection of hardware, finish options, and custom options for every budget.

logo weatherwall  

Weatherwall is Canada's oldest and largest supplier of four-track window systems for patio enclosures. They offer easy installation for ready-made and custom-made windows and enclosures to fit your existing, new or remodel construction project.

1-MDL DS logo 2013-2-no slogan  

MDL Door Systems is proud to offer the widest selection of pre-hung insulated Steel and Fiberglass Entrance Systems available in our market, from the simplest of contemporary designs to more ornate and traditional designs.

small logo high Res CMYK  

Manufactured in Canada, KIMBEL Roller Shutters and Garage Doors bring to North America the tried and true value of exterior shutters that has been trusted in Europe for decades. Security, privacy and energy savings are combined in one product for both residential and commercial applications.

 optimum window  

An established and certified supplier, Optimum Window manufactures fire-rated windows from recycled materials. The windows can be used for interior or exterior settings, have an automated self-closing function, and can withstand up to 1600F for over 45 minutes.

Quality Windows and Exceptional Prices | Kingston | Ontario

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The Window Centre in Kingston, Ontario provides exceptional windows that fit your budget. Our showroom displays beautiful and durable windows from industry and consumer trusted brands such as Marvin®, Integrity™, Infinity™, Strassburger® and many other reputable window manufacturers.

We carry a wide range of windows to suit your tastes and needs while keeping you connected with your budget. From Marvin®'s exceptional quality in hardware, innovative materials and finely crafted design to more economical PVC windows, we won't sell you short in quality or durability.

Our unique high quality lines provide you with unlimited capabilities, offering the widest range of sizes, shapes and styles, as well as amazing finishes that will fit your home the way you always dreamed.

Our experts are extremely knowledgeable and have a fine eye for design and quality while balancing the need to meet your budget.

We can help you choose windows that can increase energy efficiency and withstand our harsh Canadian winters by showing you products that utilize state-of-the-art sustainable technology. Windows manufactured by Marvin®, Integrity™, Infinity™ and Strassburger® meet Energy Star® and NFRC certification through patented argon insulated glass and UV protected exterior finishes.

Our window experts can help you enhance your home's natural beauty with a wide selection of Bay Windows, Bow Windows, Casement Windows, Tilt & Turn Windows, Single Hung or Double Hung windows, as well custom designed windows . If you are thinking of windows for your new home or renovations, think The Window Centre.

Types of Windows We Carry

  • Awnings (Top-Hinged)
  • Casement (Side-Hinged)
  • Picture (Fixed)
  • Horizontal Slider
  • Single Hung
  • Double Hung
  • Tilt and Turn
  • Hopper
  • Bay and Bow
  • Venting Picture
  • Custom
  • Sun Tunnels
  • Skylights

Benefits of The Window Centre product lines

  • Extruded aluminum clad finishes for guaranteed long lasting colour
  • Fibreglass for energy efficiency and energy savings
  • Ultrex Fibreglass for ultimate protection and savings
  • 19 Clad colour finishes
  • Multiple Glass and Hardware options
  • Reflective coatings to block ultraviolet rays
  • Insulating gasses injected in between panes
  • Advanced framing and design options
  • Low Maintenance
  • Comprehensive Manufacturer Guarantees
  • Expert guaranteed Installation

Come into The Window Centre showroom located in Kingston, Ontario today, and take a look at the beautiful window styles that can be yours. Whether redesigning, renovating or building a new home, our window experts will provide superior customer service as they help you understand the many options you have when purchasing windows.
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Skylights & Roof Windows

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Sun Tunnels and SkyLights

Let the sun shine in! Sun Tunnels and Skylights are an excellent solution to allow natural lighting into your home. In the past homeowners shied away from skylights and roof windows after hearing stories of leaking and damage to their roofs and interiors. Fear no longer! The design and manufacturing has been fined tuned to eliminate leaking and to ensure an energy efficient and weather proofed skylight and roof window solution.

The Window Centre in Kingston, Ontario provides only the best products for our customers. We offer you finely crafted and engineered products from Velux®, the market leader in skylight and roof window manufacturing.

Velux® skylight or roof windows and sun tunnels are easily installed and easily maintained which makes them a good solution for providing natural light or fresh air to your home while improving the air quality by allowing moisture and allergens to escape. Additional energy efficiency can be realized as skylight windows can reduce the need for air conditioning by allowing warmer interior air to flow up and out of your home.

Skylights or Roof Windows

Skylight windows are typically larger than a sun tunnel and can be optionally opened and closed to allow light and fresh air into your home. Skylight windows and sun tunnels are not usually incorporated into a house design however, as long as the slope of your roof and the framework support it, we can easily install Velux® prefabricated roof windows and sun tunnels into your home.

Velux® Roof Windows are available in a variety of styles and can be manually operated, electronically operated or even better incorporate solar power technology. Solar Powered Skylight windows offer even more energy efficiency and convenience. This type of technology combined with rain sensors will automatically close your roof windows to protect your interior from inclement weather.

Velux® offers a large variety of interior power operated coloured blinds to keep the sunlight out and to match your decor perfectly. Each window is expertly crafted using the finest materials, from the frame right down to the insect screens.

Features of Velux Roof Windows

  • Remote control makes opening and closing easy from virtually anywhere in the home
  • Allows fresh air to flow in and warm moist air to flow out
  • Electric, Manual or Solar Powered
  • Solar Powered eliminates the need for additional wiring
  • Inclement weather sensor closes windows automatically
  • Easy installation and easily maintained
  • Tempered safety glass with argon gas filling and Low E
  • Interior power operated blinds in a variety of colours to suit your decor
  • Guaranteed Weathertight installation
  • Pre-finished aluminum frames
  • 20 year Manufacturer Guarantee

Sun Tunnel Skylights

Sun Tunnels are typically smaller than skylights and usually do not open and close, however do include the option to diffuse or dim the amount of sunlight. Sun Tunnels are installed on your roof with a tube that extends from your roof and through the ceiling to bring natural sunlight into compact areas such as a bathroom, stairways or halls.

The sun tunnel is an economical, low profile solution that is energy-efficient, while adding architectural beauty to your home or office. Velux® offers several different models of sun tunnels to accommodate your roof style that are flexible and easily installed to allow the maximum sunlight into your home.

Why choose a Velux® Sun Tunnel

  • Several models to suit your roof architecture
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Allows natural sunlight into your space
  • A variety of accessories to add value to your sun tunnel
  • Energy Efficient
  • Low-E (emissivity) coatings
  • Environmentally friendly materials
  • Guaranteed weather tight installation
  • Argon gas between insulated glass panes
  • Pre-finished white aluminum frames
  • 20 year Manufacturer Guarantee

If you are thinking about adding Skylight Windows or Sun Tunnels to your home or building, come to The Window Centre in Kingston, Ontario and speak with a knowledgeable industry specialist. We can help plan the best solution for you and provide guidance and expert installation for your Skylight Project.

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We carry a large selection of Windows to meet all your needs. From Bay Windows to Custom Made & Finished Products of almost every shape and size.


Our doors are designed to bring you the look, feel and security you are looking for in your doors. From french doors to sliding patio doors, we have what you need.

Skylights & Roof Windows

Let the sun shine in! Sun Tunnels and Skylights are an excellent solution to allow natural lighting into your home.

Professional Service

We can help plan the best solution for you and provide guidance and expert installation for your Window, Door or Skylight Project.